PAX 10: Day 2 wrap up with Sterling and Holmes

Jim Sterling is always on the move. At different times throughout the day, I spotted him signing autographs, harassing strangers on the phone at the request of fans, and of course, playing videogames. I was lucky enough to bump into him as we were both heading out of the PAX convention center. He obliged my request for assistance in wrapping up the day’s events. For that, I am grateful.

Besides giving you an overview of some of the more notable games we played today, this video shows some of the size and scale of PAX as a whole. It also serves a nice snapshot of some of the special folks that you might run into while perusing the show. They aren’t like people that you’ll meet anywhere else, gaming event or otherwise.

I think Jim said it best when he remarked that “E3 is like a pageant, and PAX is like a circus. At E3, they are all following the same script. At PAX, there is no script, and everyone is completely insane.”

OK, I might have made up some of that up, but I’m pretty sure he said most of the rest.

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