PAX 09: Assassins Creed II marketing gets clever

There is so much bad marketing out there. Companies just seem to miss the point more than hit it when it comes to coming up with clever ways to advertise their new games. Thus, when a company actually does something that is clever or outside of the box, I think we should inform you of it. This year at PAX we’ve already had some clever meme use, but not to be outdone Ubisoft has stepped up and shown that it can go entirely original with its clever advertising.

Some in attendance at PAX, where I am not, received these pamphlets that stated on the cover, “The first one is always the hardest.” Joystiq filmed their opening of the brochure, and after sophomorically commenting on the fact that there was probably a hard penis in it (We’re above penis jokes when others make them, but it’s cool when we do it), opened it to reveal…

Just watch the vid.  

Matthew Razak