PAX 08: What media gets when they check in: A whole bag of … stuff

While the rest of the Destructoid staff are off gallivanting about Seattle doing God knows what with God knows who, I’m acting like a responsible Editor-in-Chief. Early media registration opened today at 6 PM Seattle time and I was one of the first in line.

After flashing my business card and drivers license, my name was scratched off a list and I was not only handed a media badge, but a bag of … stuff. I ran back to my hotel room, excited to dig in to see what I could find. 

In truth, it’s not as exciting as it sounds: the light bag didn’t contain a PAX Edition iPhone or 9000 Microsoft Points on a Penny Arcade-branded card. This is PAX, not the Academy Awards, and I’m not Tom Cruise … I write about videogames, folks. 

Still, it’s the little things, and I would be lying if I were to say I wasn’t just a tad bit excited about the convention that kicks off tomorrow. Hit the jump to see what goodies (or non-goodies) were hiding in the bag. 

The media badge

This means I’m important. I can go to magical places like the “press room” and the Gabe & Tyco press-only Q&A in the Wolfman Theater … which certainly has the most badass name for a theater ever. Wait … is that a Ghostbusers: The Videogame lanyard? Wasn’t that game canceled?

A piece of cardboard promoting PC MMO, Twin Skies

You know, I wasn’t looking forward to this game until I caught eye of this artwork. Rowr!

Digital crack sample

Because Blizzard needs my business.

Demo of Penny Arcade game

I’ll let them slide on this shameless act of self promotion. We are at the Penny Arcade expo and all.

A 1UP Network tattoo

We’ve got them beat: every community member attending PAX has committed to getting a real tattoo of Mr. Destructoid while in Seattle this weekend. (Note: No one has committed to that, but I wouldn’t stop them if they tried.)

Cool promo card for Fallout 3 demonstration

Seriously, Bethesda could give me Vault Boy branded tampons and I’d use them just to say I did.

A glossy PAX guidebook

It’s nice, it’s thick, it has a lot of pretty pictures and information in it. One more thing I have to carry around tomorrow.

Invite to Cryptic Studios Champions Online party

Free drinks automatically makes Champions Online the best MMO ever. An 11 out of 10 before it’s even released. And no, I’m not telling you where the party is … but I’ll try to sneak the first community member in who finds me at the show and asks.

More sloppy photos in the gallery!

Nick Chester