PAX 08: This is the map of the floor, plan accordingly

It’s with squeals of delight that I present to you the floor plan for this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, set to take place August 29 through August 31. Go look at the calendar … that’s soon!

Looking at the map, I have to wonder — who’s not going to be there? I spy with my little eye Sony, Microsoft, The Behemoth, Rockstar Games, Bungie, Electronic Arts, Harmonix …phew. Bethesda Softwork’s booth is almost as big as Microsoft’s; can we ever really get enough Fallout 3, though?

This right here is just a sample of the action that’s taking place on the show floor. This is to say nothing of the panels and other periphery events that will be taking place at PAX 08. 

This event is a far cry from the long, sterile hallways of this year’s E3. A huge chunk of Destructoid will be attending this year, and while we fully intend on covering anything worth covering, we intend to have fun. Lots of fun. Who’s with us?

Nick Chester