PAX 08: Hudson bringing Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns, and more Wii games

The Penny Arcade Expo is nearly upon us! While we’re frantically packing our bags and getting our chemical peels to look our best, Hudson has announced their PAX game line-up! Surprise — it’s all Wii games!

The publisher will be publicly revealing Bomberman Blast and Alien Crush Returns for the first time to North American gamers. Additionally, the highly-anticipated Fishing Master World Tour for the Wii will be on hand; the game has over 200 different fish to catch, guys! For some reason, Hudson will be bringing along Deca Sports which is, well … Deca Sports. The best you can hope for on that one is that they have attractive booth babes/dudes doing demos. 

Hudson will be exhibiting in booth 261 all three days of the expo. Anyone up for some Bomberman Blast? I’m really, really good at that game. And by that I mean “I get lucky sometimes.” 


Alien Crush Returns and Bomberman Blast WiiWare to Make First Public
Appearances At Show in Booth 261

REDWOOD CITY, CA – August 27, 2008 – Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today announced their lineup for the Penny Arcade Expo 2008 that takes place in Seattle later this week.  The Hudson lineup includes  Alien Crush Returns and Bomberman Blast both for Wii(tm) on WiiWare(tm) as well as Fishing Master World Tour and Deca Sports (both for Wii). PAX takes place in Seattle Friday, August 29, and runs through Sunday, August 31. The company will be exhibiting in booth 261 all three days.

Information on each title that will be on exhibit at the show is listed below. For more information on Hudson at PAX or any of these titles, please visit

Bomberman Blast (WiiWare)
Bomberman Blast is an all-new Bomberman for digital download for WiiWare on Wii. Retaining the classic features Bomberman fans have come to love such as online multiplayer battles and numerous arenas, Bomberman Blast also incorporates new gameplay elements, including the use of Miis(tm) and 8-person online multiplayer – the first time for Bomberman on the Wii! Players can battle it out with each other worldwide going solo or as part of a team. By using their Mii character, gamers will have the opportunity to show off their Mii by suiting him or her up into a Bomberman costume, then blowing away the competition! Now who has the best Mii?

Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare)
Alien Crush Returns is a sci-fi pinball game based on the classic TurboGrafx-16 Alien Crush series.  In extraordinary pinball fashion, the game offers gameplay spanning two screens, providing players a lot of real estate to rack in points, multipliers, and bonuses. The game is played across multiple boards, all of which feature an eerie alien
landscape and enemies that try to prevent pinball perfection. For players who are confident in their alien crushing skills, they can go online to play against friends to see who can get the highest score! Alien Crush Returns is the only pinball game for WiiWare that lets gamers compete head to head online. In addition, the game includes online leader boards for score-obsessed pinball players.

Coming to North America in Q1 2009, FISHING MASTER WORLD TOUR offers over 200 different types of fish to catch, enabling players to catch fish in their native waters around the world in the first ever global fishing game on Wii. FISHING MASTER WORLD TOUR  offers over forty different locations to fish from in seven different regions. Players
can fish on Easter Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, on the Amazon River and many more exotic global locations. Staying true to the first version’s realistic controls, anglers use the Wii Remote(tm) and Nunchuk(tm) to battle fish just like in real life.  Pull the Wii Remote left and right as the fish fights from the end of the line and
adjust the drag to avoid breaking the line. Once players have their skills down, they can compete with friends with four-person multiplayer modes, catch rare fish with exclusive boss battle controls or jump online in Wi-Fi leaderboards tracking the best players in the U.S.

DECA SPORTS(tm), a unique ten-sport game, exclusive to Wii(tm), is now available at retail for $29.99 SRP. Combining ten sporting events into one game, players can compete in beach volleyball, snowboard cross, badminton, basketball, curling, figure skating, archery, supercross, soccer and kart racing. The game offers a wide variety of sporting
events and activities, some rarely seen in a video game. Designed with pick-up-and-play intuitive controls for the Wii Remote(tm) and in three sports, the Nunchuk, DECA SPORTS also includes advanced controls for power spikes, curls, and mid air tricks for the gamer!

Nick Chester