PAX 08: Early look at the PAX show floor

I have just stumbled back to my hotel room to find Ceark, Tactix, Suff0Cat and Rio McCarthy all playing Mario Kart on the DS, along with GuitarAtomik passed out in bed. Earlier in the evening, we all meet up at the Redwood Bar with nearly 40 to 50 Dtoiders on hand all getting very hammered. So far, PAX has been amazing and it doesn’t even officially start up until this afternoon.  

Anyway, to the point: Thanks to my ninja spys inside PAX, we have a bunch of pictures of the PAX show floor as all the various videogames companies put the finishing touches on their booths. The first thing I MUST do is go play Left 4 Dead. Anything with zombies is instant win to me. 

Also, we are all crashing an iHop at 9:30AM today (Friday). We will be meeting up right in front of the Red Lion Hotel on 5th Street and from there, we will be taking over the iHop and giving the waitresses hell until PAX opens up. 

Hamza Aziz