PAX 08: Cheapy D and Gay Gamer talk online communities

We saddled up at Walrus theatre at 1 pm on the final day of PAX to check out a panel called “The Power of Online Gaming Communities” featuring our favorite Japanese import Cheapy D from Cheap Ass Gamer, the rather delectable Flynn DeMarco from Gay Gamer, Christa Phillips from GamerChiX, Nelson Rodriguez from Gamerscore blog and Nick Pueleo from Evil Avatar.

Topics addressed included such vital bits as moderation and banning to how to manage your online community and still have fun. I’d spill more of the details, but I don’t want to ruin the video for you, so settle down with your Japanese lap pillow and enjoy the wisdom of people who are doing the job right.

[Niero note: We set up the camera on top of a water cooler since we were sans-tripod and didn’t realize the thing was lobsided from abuse until after the panel. To prevent motion sickness place a thick frozen steak under the right side of your monitor.]

Colette Bennett