PAX 08: A taste of Ken Levine’s opening keynote

I went into this keynote thinking Ken Levine was the bee’s knees, but that was just based on my all encompassing love for his work in the gaming industry. I can say that after having listened to his heartfelt and hilarious opening keynote today that he is without a doubt ten times cooler than I thought he was, and a guy I would totally love to throw down some twenty sided dice with.

Sadly what you see above is only a snippet of what I was treated to, but Ken gladly shared his personal memories of growing up geek (check out that childhood picture of him in the gallery!) and in doing so really drove home those very same emotions of alienation, passion for our hobby and finally acceptance from others like us. In other words, a damn fine way to launch the first day of PAX. You can boss me around anytime, Mr. Levine.

Update: Joystiq has the keynote as a podcast


Colette Bennett