Pato Pooh and his retro stylings

Normally we might skim over the music video above or save it for a Weekend Destructainment, but considering that just happened and we’re all up in the listening to music anyway with dtunes, it’s getting its own story. I’ve never heard of Pato Pooh or Adam Tensta, but their song Follow Me has a catchy, and somewhat chiptune sound to it, and their video is jam packed full of awesome retro gaming references.

I don’t know how cool it is to rep “Stockholm City,” but I do know it’s cool to rep Mega Man, Super Mario Bros. 3, Ice Climbers, Star Fox and so many other retro games it’s hard to count them all. It’s also cool to lay down a line like “Blow in the cassette so mother-f*ckers know the games on.” Except its not a cassette it’s a cartridge. Maybe he’s not so cool. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though because the video has the Duck Hunt dog in a sideways baseball cap. Whether you like the song or not you have to give mad props to whoever put the video together. 

[Thanks Sateesh N.]

Matthew Razak