Patience truly is a virtue in Splatoon 2’s European splatfest

Savour the experience

Well, it looks like Europe retains its delicate touch when it comes to the subject of delicious desserts, at least if the results of the latest splatfest are anything to go by. This weekend, the European Splatoon 2 community battled over the niche topic of whether you like to save “the best bit” until the end, or… y’know what? I’m tired of re-explaining this, just read here.

Anyway, the battle has reached its conclusion, and it’s a win for Marina’s Team “Save ’til Last”. This confirms, once and for all, that we like to eat food as if we were eight years old. The winning team took a dominant 3 – 0 victory, bagging the popular vote and both Clout points.

It’s all quiet for now on the splatfest front. The only other news being the unfortunate announcement that the next Splatoon 2 update, scheduled for December 5, will be its last. The game will hopefully continue to see balance tweaks and splatfests. As for new content, that’s your lot, squid kids. Don’t fret, we’ll always try to stay on top of any new news that comes through.

Chris Moyse
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