Patches coming for all versions of Fallout 3, fixes unknown

A Bethesda community manager recently revealed that the company is actively working on a patch for all three versions of Fallout 3. His statement, framed as a response on Bethesda’s official message board, was quite vague.

He told users, “We [Bethesda] are currently working on a patch for all three platforms. When I’ve got more details, I’ll let everyone know.” That means all of you sitting on a pile of pre-war books and Nuka-Colas that won’t count for mission goals are going to have to wait a bit longer. The same goes for all of you PlayStation 3 owners who may not enjoy some of the problems that you’re having specific to your platform.

If you’re not having any problems thus far, rejoice, but know that this patch won’t be able to solve a problem that our very own Conrad has with the game. After 100 hours of play, he points out that the ending could use a bit of fixing.

Have many of you experienced a problem? What would you like to see a patch handle?

[via CVG]

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