Patapon 3 multiplayer demo coming this Tuesday

Patapon 3 is coming and with it is coming 8-player online multiplayer co-op. How’s it going to work? Will it be good? Will you want to play it? These questions can only be answered by our crack team of investigative reporters who will go through anything to get their hands on the game early. No other way to find…

What? There’s a demo coming this Tuesday?

Oh, well then. I guess our crack team will take the week off or something. Probably still want to be paid. Maybe there’s some other stuff to look into. Man, we had this all planned out. The guys are going to be really bummed. Well have fun downloading the demo and just know that I’m out a good chunk of money because Sony wanted to demo it to you and I gotta pay this crack investigative team.

Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo Coming [IGN]

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