Patapon 2 US demo given for pre-orders only

As it did with Killzone 2, Sony Computer Entertainment America is once again restricting a US demo to pre-orders only, this time with Patapon 2. American PSP owners will need to reserve the game via GameStop or Amazon … or of course just use the fake European PSN account that they made for the Killzone 2 demo. There’s a free “Lordy Hat” in it for you, too.

Sony’s insistence on this backwards form of demo distribution still puzzles me. Those unfamiliar with Patapon, or those like me who weren’t too keen on the original but would like to see if the sequel is an improvement, cannot try the game. In my case, I certainly won’t be buying it if I can’t try out. The twisted thing is, this little scheme must logically be working for Sony, if it’s doing it again. 

Mind you, Sony and logic don’t often go together in the same sentence.

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