Patapon 2 screens emerge … with English text!

The original Patapon was one of those games that I felt I could play ten or twenty minutes of and then just save and come back to later, which for me is a great quality in a game. I would expect Patapon 2 to offer more of the same, but it seems as if we are going to also get delicious new features such as four person multiplayer, if Dale North’s time with the game at TGS is to be believed.

Siliconera posted a bunch of new Patapon 2 screens today (go there to see more!), notable because they feature English text, which is good news for those of us here in the US excited about its release here.Let’s hope we get it by summertime. Is 2009 shaping up to be a great looking year for PSP software or what?

Colette Bennett