Pass the sausage matron: Podcastle 12 records tonight

What an awful man Wardrox is. Anyway, that grim time has rolled around once again, and this time we don’t have pseudo-lesbianism or madcap defense attorneys to make us sound impressive. Yep, Podcastle 12 records tonight and we have no cheap gimmicks, just cheap presenters — consisting of me, Wardrox and Atheistium. We will also be joined by the community guest who was going to be on the last episode but wasn’t, Insomniac.

We have no overall theme for this episode, as we experiment with a slightly more random format. We have plenty of European news to discuss though:
PS3 outselling the 360 in Europe.
No incentive for developers to translate games from American to English!
No DualShocks for us! MGS 4‘s bundle is not very ultimate.
Newspapers actually being nice to GTA
As ever, your questions and comments are appreciated, because it saves us actually having to do a bit of work. Also, Wardrox is a rampant PlayStation 3 fanboy and squirts his liquid silk all over Killzone 2. CONFIRMED!
Jim Sterling