Party foul: No cooperative quickplay option in Guitar Hero III?

One of the best new features in Guitar Hero II was the inclusion of a true cooperative mode. One person playing bass/rhythm guitar, the other person rocking out lead; it doesn’t get much better. It’s back in Guitar Hero III, of course, with one small (and puzzling) omission — cooperative mode is not available in the game’s quickplay mode.

From Game Informer‘s October 2007 review:

There is no cooperative quickplay option, making the popular party play experience a lot harder to achieve. In the co-op career, you’ll only unlock songs in the particular difficulty combination you initially played on. If you played through all the songs on Expert-Hard, and your other friend comes over who plays on Medium, then he’s screwed.

Ouch. The game scores well (8.75, and a second opinion of 9), particularly because both reviewers are impressed by the game’s solid soundtrack (SLAYER!). But the lack of a quickplay option for cooperative mode is a huge loss, especially when you take into account that Guitar Hero is the kind of game that really comes to life when playing with other people at large, alcohol-fueled social gatherings. 

Is this a big deal for you guys, or not so much?

[Photo: Flickr]

Nick Chester