Partial SingStar song list released, hands-on time reveals the big picture

The guys over at Gamespot recently had the chance to party the night away with a hands-on session of SingStar, courtesy of a Sony hosted event at Chicago’s House of Blues. However, it wasn’t the house music that energized the crowd. Instead, the editors were invited to take the mike and do their best renditions of some popular songs, and test out some of the online features of the game for themselves. The song list, while not complete, did include the following: 

Monster by The Automatic
Toxic by Britney Spears
Lets Dance by David Bowie
Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand
Mr Brightside by The Killers
So Sick by Ne-Yo
Hey Ya by Outkast
Here Comes Your Man by Pixies
Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age
No Surprises by Radiohead
Losing my Religion by REM
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin by Scissor Sisters
Beautiful Day by U2
Buddy Holly by Weezer
Love Train by Wolfmother

Hit the jump to learn more about the PlayStation Eye’s role in the action, along with a little thing called the SingStore. 

As everyone took to the stage, the PlayStation Eye camera was busy recording the action. However, in addition to the video footage, it also snapped around 10 or so still pictures — which were said to be used as thumbnail images for each clip.

The thumbnails seem to be destined for a bigger purpose, as Sony envisions a large online community where players can trade clips and images back and forth the way you see done on those popular social networking sites. In addition to having a “My SingStar Online” profile to share with your online friends, Sony is offering up hundreds of songs for download on its very own SingStore.

The good news for those who already own the EyeToy is that it will still be supported in the game, and the hundreds of songs available on day one will have something for nearly every taste in music. Pop, rap, RnB, indie/alternative, and soundtracks are all accounted for. There seemed to be no mention of something for you metalheads out there in SingStar land, but you probably can’t shriek like Bruce Dickinson anyway. No doubt, we will learn more about the game, as the November 13th release date grows closer. Here’s some slick menu footage to enjoy, until we learn more. Now hit the play button and rock it out to Wolfmother one more time. You know you like it.