Parkour as a human and sniff out meatballs as a dog in Dogchild

Released today on PS4

Never heard of Dogchild? Me neither, till today. Apparently it was announced in December of 2014 and won “best game of the year” from the PlayStation Awards for titles developed in Spain. Before you rush to the PlayStation Store ready to drop $14.99 on the best Spain has to offer, you might want to check out some of the gameplay.

As you can see, there is not only parkour, but also first person dog sections where you have to dig up meatballs, for some reason. From what I can gather, you’re investigating the disappearances of local dogs while receiving texts from someone who can seemingly tell what you’re doing. 

Just from these few minutes and the game’s description, I get the feeling that whoever localized this didn’t do a very good job. Some of it seems a bit off or wordy. But how can you say no to a game where you get a text that says “These meatballs are all over the place. You must find the person responsible for this!” and subtitles “woof” whenever a dog barks?

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