Parents group asks Best Buy to move M-rated games higher

I don’t ever feel the need to pick up a game box and read the back. But everyone else does, including kids. It seems that the advocacy group Parents Television Council doesn’t want kids to be able to reach Mature-rated games, and they’re asking retailer Best Buy to move them to a higher shelf.

According to the Consumerist, the PTC feels that the low placement of M-rated games is a Joe Camel move, putting the filthy, evil games right alongside the kiddie ones. The group blasted Best Buy at their shareholder’s meeting last week.

“Mr. Chairman, you understand this game is rated mature and we appreciate all that Best Buy is doing to impose and enforce an age-restricted buying policy. However, I urge you to place these types of games on higher shelves and out of sight and reach of your younger customers,” said PTC Minnesota Chapter Director Phyllis Plum at the meeting.

The side benefit of all of this for you is that you don’t have to bend over, breaking your back to reach your filthy, evil game purchases from the bottom shelves.

Dale North