Parasite Eve 3 to be a cell phone title, fans cry

Among other news coming out of the Square Enix Party 2007, it appears that the third installment of the Parasite Eve series will be a mobile title.

Specifically, the title will be designed with NTT DoCoMo phones in mind; seeing as how they’re the largest mobile phone operator in Japan, it’s unclear as to whether or not the game will ever make it to other territories. I’m not a betting man, but I’m going with … no.

This will disappoint many fans, as the Parasite Eve games (both of which were on the original PlayStation) had some pretty killer cinematic sequences. Unless Square Enix and DoCoMo know something we don’t, let’s assume those aren’t going to translate very well to mobile phones.

If they’re getting one thing right, it’s keeping the game’s main character, Aya, smoking hot. Right, guys? Right? Fap fap fap? Hey, don’t walk away from me …

[Image source: Impress Watch]

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