Parappa creator wants less violence in games

Kick and punch may be all in the mind, but Parappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura doesn’t want so much of it in videogames. Speaking with Joystiq, the man responsible for Major Minor’s Majestic March views videogame violence as a problem that needs to be stamped out.

“Reducing the volume of games that involve hurting people with knives and guns,” said Matsuura, when asked if there was one videogame problem he could instantly solve. “The recent success of music games and also family games for the Wii springs to mind. Undoubtedly there are other possibilities out there that are as yet undiscovered.”

The designer also has fears about the recent peripheral craze, wondering if it’s a fad destined to be discarded: “I’ve been thinking about peripheral-based games these days. It is great that they’ve gotten really popular but I’m concerned about people throwing them out after the boom subsides. On the other hand it is true that games need to have more tangible experiences.

“I have a toy piano which is not special at all but it’s precious to me. There is no doubt that it’s just a toy and no matter how hard I practice it’s impossible for me to deeply express myself musically with it but despite that I probably wouldn’t let it go. I want all games and peripherals to be cherished this way.”

Something tells me that DJ Hero is not going to be as cherished as a sentimental toy piano, but that’s just me. What do you make of this man’s words? Less violence and more peripherals that we can learn to treasure — is that a future you can believe in?

Jim Sterling