Parappa creator says Wii MotionPlus offers no benefit

My initial reaction to the introduction of the Wii MotionPlus at last year’s E3 was, well, a bit blunt. I believe my exact words were “And the original Wiimote doesn’t do this because why?” Of course, the staff patted me on the head to calm me down, and I forgot about it, but even when I think about it now, it seems odd — why does the device offer more movement when the Wiimote is all about movement in the first place? Shouldn’t Nintendo have thought of this?

Masaya Matsuura, the creator of the Parappa the Rappa games and the upcoming Major Minor’s Majestic March, was recently interviewed by MTV Multiplayer and the topic came up. Here’s what hehad to say in regards to MotionPlus:

“We tried to adapt “Major Minor” to MotionPlus, but doing so didn’t really make it any more fun than it already was. Maybe MotionPlus titles need to be planned as such from the beginning. The basic structure of “Major Minor” was pretty much determined before MotionPlus arrived, so there wasn’t a huge advantage to adapting it to MotionPlus. And what’s more, the controller would become bigger, so we gave up on the idea.”

I can’t help but wonder if this is an issue many developers will run into when trying to interpret MotionPlus use into their games. After all, who wants a bigger controller? Are you interested in trying MotionPlus out, or feel like you can do just fine without it?

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