Paradox reveals new 4X game Millennia, and it looks like Civilization

A new Paradox title is on the horizon.

After a week of hints and teasers, Paradox Interactive has finally revealed its new title: Millennia. In Millennia, players will create their own nation in a historical turn-based 4X environment. From there, players will shape the nation across 10,000 years of history starting with the dawn of humanity and stretching into the future. According to Paradox, each playthrough will be unique as you craft an epic story based on your actions. The new strategy title is being developed by C Prompt Games, who doesn’t seem to have much of a history. Based on their Steam page, the only previous title by them is a digital board game called Heretic Operative. A teaser trailer was included in the announcement that briefly shows some of the many different Ages you can experience.

Many ages throughout the Millennia

In the trailer alone we see quite a few Ages starting with some rather common periods for the genre. Stone, Bronze, Iron, Kings, and Discovery, are all familiar periods in a historical 4X strategy game. However, near the end of the teaser, we get a glimpse at some rather peculiar Ages such as the Age of Old Ones, Age of Visitors, Age of Archangel, and even Age of Rogue AI. Wait did that say Old Ones? Where do I sign up?

Based on the screenshots on the Millennia Steam page, it looks like gameplay will be similar to the Civilization series and Humankind. The big difference here though appears to be the many different ways your nation can go, as opposed to just vertical technological advances.

I’m a huge fan of Paradox titles, but don’t get into Civilization-like games as easily. For comparison, I have almost 400 hours in Stellaris yet only 50 in Civilization VI. As such, I had trouble really getting into Humankind. I’m hoping Millennia does enough different to keep me playing like previous Paradox titles.

Millennia is aiming for a 2024 release on PC.

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