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Paradox Pokemon will be legal in Scarlet & Violet competitive play soon

We all scream for Scream Tail

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The competitive battling scene in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been fascinating to watch. As new strategies have formed around the monsters introduced in Generation 9, top-tier battlers have had their work cut out for them trying to counter the emerging threats. Who could have guessed that Maushold had some of the highest damage potential in the game? Or how about Murkrow becoming one of the most used Pokemon?

As it turns out, the competitive scene faces another significant shakeup. Courtesy of Serebii, Paradox Pokemon will officially be removed from the ban list when Series 2 of Scarlet & Violet’s Ranked Battle modes begin on February 1st. This includes 14 endgame monsters that feature near-legendary base stats and powerful abilities. Even one Pokemon has the potential to change the metagame completely, so the addition of Paradox Pokemon will almost assuredly send ripples throughout the scene. Smogon, a hub for fan driven competitive Pokemon play, already ruled two of these Pokemon too powerful for its popular 6v6 singles format.

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Some still can’t join

Paradox Pokemon will be the only new monsters in Series 2. Tera Raid exclusives like Charizard and Cinderace are still off the table for Ranked Battles. Furthermore, the Ruinous Quartet and Legendary Pokemon remain off-limits. Still, we’re bound to see entirely new strategies emerge with these monsters entering the fold. Pokemon that have seen no usage so far may become valuable strictly to counter these new threats.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been critically contentious, but the interest in the official competitive scene is as strong as it has ever been. Even non-battlers can have fun watching how Paradox Pokemon fit into high-end play. Series 2 will run until March 31st, 2023.

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