Paradox franchise sale: Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, Europa IV up to 79% off

Empire builders cheap for the weekend

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When Risk and Chess are not enough, Paradox Interactive is there to fill the strategy void in your life. This weekend GMG launched a wave of sales on Stellaris, Europa Univeralis IV, Cities Skylines, and Victoria II with discounts up to 79% off. Prices are at or better than we expect during the upcoming PC gaming summer sales.

Prices are fairly hot with a few titles hitting new lows. Stellaris did hit $12 at the Humble Store, but you needed a monthly subscription to get it at that price, so if you ignore the subscription price, the drop to $20.39 on last year’s popular 4X space strategy title is still very decent.


Europa Universalis IV

Cities Skylines

Victoria II

While DLC and season passes may be the bane of many gamers, Paradox Interactive games live and breathe DLC content. Happily, each franchise’s respective DLC is almost always on sale along with the base game, and you can usually distinguish the good and bad add-ons from a few quick glance at Steam’s review aggregate.

These deals are all valid through this weekend only as they expire next Monday, June 5 at 9am Pacific.

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