Paradise Perfect: boating Crazy Taxi from Real Texas dev

Players can help write future episodes

The Real Texas, developed by Calvin French, is a game that spoke to me. I honestly think about it and its characters all the time. It’s a very special game and one that I love dearly. Mr. French has been teasing his new “boat game” on Twitter for some time now, with no real concrete information as to what is actually is.

Well, now it’s out! Out of the blue (does that count as an ocean pun?) he has released his boat game, now with a proper title: Paradise Perfect: Boat Rescue. It’s only $3 and is sort-of-episodic in nature. Further episodes, though not guaranteed, can and will be written by the players, by way of going on the forum and writing stuff. A level editor is also included, and buying the first episode will guarantee you every future episode, should there be any, for free.

The way the gameplay is described reminds me of Crazy Taxi. Picking up people on islands and getting them to where they want to go is the main objective, though I doubt any Offspring plays in the background. There’s also enemies who want to try and stop you, because they’re probably jerks.

You can buy Paradise Perfect: Boat Rescue from the official site.

Patrick Hancock
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