Paradise Killer sees murder and mayhem visit a crazy tropical hotspot

Sun, Sex, and Skeletons

During the weekend’s PC Gaming Show live stream, we got a global hypercolour taste of the cool but weird-looking Paradise Killer, a new murder mystery from developer Kaizen Game Works.

As described by the studio itself, Paradise Killer sees players pick up the magnifying glass of “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies, who is tasked with solving… a murder? Several murders? It’s all a little unclear, but that is to be expected from what looks to be a very hedonistic title, which promises a cast of wild characters, psychic-powers, and a tropical locale, powered by alien forces, that has the ability to regenerate every few millennia… riiiight.

What we know for sure is the Paradise Killer is a first-person exploration title, with Lady Love Dies gathering clues, solving puzzles, and interrogating characters, all within an indulgent, neon-infused open world. Can you find the killer? Hell, do you even know who the victim is? And what’s the deal with that sexy skeleton? All these questions and no doubt many more will be asked (and hopefully answered) soon.

Paradise Killer is in development for PC. No release date was announced.

Paradise Killer is a wild murder mystery with ‘ancient nightmare computers’ [PC Gamer]

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