Papers, Please was originally refused by Apple for pornographic content

Glory to Applestotzka!

Papers, Please, Lucas Pope’s 2013 indie standout about an immigration officer just trying to provide for his family, makes its debut on iPad tomorrow. However, the version available on the App Store will be slightly different than the one that released on all other platforms.

According to a tweet from Pope, Apple originally rejected Papers, Please due to “pornographic content.” The objectionable content in question relates to the game’s body scanner, which is used to search some potential immigrants for contraband before they are allowed to enter Arstotzka.

In supplementary tweets, Pope says that the stylized nudity will now be replaced be a light layer of underwear. He doesn’t feel as if this is much of a sacrifice given that the original also had this option. While it’s questionable as to whether this was an overreaction on Apple’s part, the good to come out of this is that the game’s rating was changed from 17+ to 12+, and it’ll release timely on December 12.

@dukope [Twitter]

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