Papa Louie:When Pizzas Attack!

“Join Papa Louie in his first platforming adventure, when his delicious pizzas turn into monsters and kidnap his customers! Journey through over a dozen worlds of Italian cuisine to save the day!”

That’s what Tony Solary, Owner and Creative Director of Flipline Studios, mailed us today at Dtoid, telling us about Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!, a new game by him and his team, created using Flash 8.

You start the game at Papa Louie’s pizzeria, giving out free pizzas to all tenants in the building. Only, it turns out the pizzas are starting to mutate into cheesy (as in cheese) monstrosities. Louie and the pizza monsters at his place all get sucked into an alternate dimension, where he has to navigate levels in a style reminiscent of Super Mario Bros., taking down onion and tomato and hamburger monsters.

I just finished playing through the first couple of levels, and the game is a lot of fun. It’s no SMB or Jazz Jackrabbit, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. Swatting burger baddies with your pizza paddle or throwing pepper bombs around is a lot of fun, and the music is catchy, too. The development team seems to have put a lot of effort into the game, and it shows.

The game loads quickly, even on a lower-end internet connection. The graphics are pleasant to look at, and I quite like the environments in the game. There’s also an option to switch to an alternate set of controls if you find the default ones hard to work with (Though I don’t know why anyone would … they’re really simple to use).

Fans of side-scrollers will probably like this title. You can go check it out here.

Thanks for the heads up, Tony! 

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