Pang: Magical Michael is a thing I want in the US

Since I’m a good American, I’m ethno-centric to a fault. As a result, I had no idea that the arcade game I know as Buster Bros. goes by the name of Pang everywhere else in the world. You learn some useless trivia every day, I guess. 

Now there will be a new game in the series for the DS called, Pang: Magical Michael. As you can see from the above trailer, the classic gameplay formula remains intact. Befitting his name, Magical Michael seems to be casting spells instead of using a harpoon gun and runs around in a ridiculous suit instead of the totally awesome safari gear the characters I’m familiar with wore.

Still, some Buster Bros. is better than none and this game will feature multi-card and online wi-fi multiplayer. The idea of playing this game with my retro-loving friends around the world gives me a major warm fuzzy.

What troubles me is that I have yet to hear an announcement regarding a North American release. Capcom has traditionally published the Buster Bros. games over here, so maybe we will hear something from them on the subject soon. In the meantime, Europeans can expect Pang: Magical Michael to release this fall.

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