Pandora open-source portable game system gives pants tingles

I love both of my portable game systems dearly. The PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS both have their pluses and minuses, but one of the two manages to go with me wherever I go. I would’ve never imagined that these two prized possessions of mine would take a back seat to another portable, but I’m already sold on the Pandora.

Pandora is an open-source portable videogame system, much like the GP2X. According to galagabug’s Destructoid Community Blog, this little number can do full PSOne emulation without hiccuping, and Nintendo 64 emulation is also a possiblity. It sports a touch screen, video outputs, a microphone, dual analog nubs, WiFi, USB and more. Get the full rundown of specs here. All of this is packed into a system about the size of the Nintendo DS Lite. 

The official Web page says that this system is set to launch soon, spring 2008, and the cost is set at about $330. What do you think? Is this your dream portable? Would this be the ultimate emulation system? Do you agree with galagabug’s “burn your DS” statement?

Dale North