Pandora handheld gaming beast should be out by Christmas

Remember the Pandora? It’s a new Linux-based handheld with a beefy 600Mhz processor, an 800×600 resolution, 4.3″ touchscreen and a 43-key QWERTY keyboard that we told you about back in April. After a few months of quiet on the subject, word has come that it’s going to be available in time for Christmas in a limited run of 3000 units.

It all sounds very impressive. In addition to the above specs, the device will feature dual analogs, 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth and two SDHC card slots. According to a developer on the project, this bad boy will be capable of running Doom III. And all of this can be yours for the low, low price of  £199.99.

I’m interested but not optimistic about its success. This is a small fish going up against leviathans where the handheld space is concerned. I can see consumers who aren’t amongst the geek elite being wary of an OS that requires more than plug-and-play. And, frankly, the design doesn’t strike me as too appealing. The price isn’t too bad, though, and I’d expect this to be a great general device for those who would have a use for what’s essentially a pretty powerful palmtop computer.

[Via BeefJack]

Conrad Zimmerman