Pandemic: Everyone should beat The Saboteur for its story

What’s worse, a videogame that is so easy it becomes a chore to play, or one that is so cheap, so frustrating, that you never get to see how the narrative plays out? It’s a tough call, and one we usually don’t have to make if the developers did their job right. Let’s say they both suck equally and call it a day.

Lead designer of The Saboteur, Tom French, told MTV Multiplayer how the team at Pandemic wants anyone and everyone to be able to “sit down and play through the story.”

“Difficulty for us is more about how much damage you do, things like that,” he says. “We wanted the player to play through the story, meet all these characters, have the chance to experience it. I can have my wife play it on easy and she gets away with it and still has fun.”

There is nothing worse than investing hours into a game only to realize one section is too impossible a task for you to handle. You may have heard Brad’s story about how he had to restart Prototype on an easier difficulty, and it was almost that way for me with the same game.

Difficulty will certainly be a thing to look out for with The Saboteur. We don’t forget these things.

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