Cattiva from Palworld in sunglasses
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Palworld teases the first Pal skin, putting Cattiva in pixelated sunglasses

I wish I could rock those shades.

In a Tweet on June 24, Palworld has shown off another upcoming feature from the Sakurajima update. While this update doesn’t look to be anything game-changing, it will definitely inject a little bit of fun and customization into your game. 

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Pal skins are outfits and accessories that you’ll be able to use to dress up your Pals. Only one skin is shown in the Tweet, but it’s a very cute one:

There is no confirmation as of yet how these skins will be applied, or how new ones will be obtained. There’s also no further information about any other potential skins which could be coming in the Sakurajima update. However, Cattiva’s pixelated sunglasses are definitely going to be making their way onto the head of my little pink cat. 

I can’t wait to see what other skins will be included, either in the Sakurajima update or moving forwards. I only hope that skins don’t end up being monetized, but rather become obtainable through in-game means. It would be nice to get skins for certain Pals from the Pals themselves, rather than having to purchase them. 

Palworld has been releasing daily teasers leading up to the release of the Sakurajima update on June 27, with the names of the new faction leader and her pal being divulged in recent days. There have also now been four Paldeck videos showing off Pals that we’ve yet to meet, which probably amps up those Palworld players ready to catch some new Pals.

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