Palworld on Xbox and Steam have different versions – Here’s why

Two versions, two platforms.

Mount in Palworld

You may have noticed that at the bottom corner of your screen in Palworld, there is a string of numbers indicating what version you’re playing. Steam and Xbox Game Pass have different versions, and here’s why.

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A report from Windows Central highlighted comments from Pocketpair reps in the Palworld Discord server. There, Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky, explained a bit about what’s going on with the different versions. The problem is that every game’s version has to go through Microsoft’s certification queue. This is something Pocketpair has no control over, though the team is “desperately trying to speed up,” it highlights on Discord.

So there are actually two separate versions of the game, “because the fundamental architecture is different,” with version 1.2.0 awaiting certification from Microsoft. This isn’t an act of malice on Xbox’s part, though there are a few differences between the two versions. Though the version on Microsoft’s Xbox One claims multiplayer is available, it isn’t. Pocketpair also noted it’s aware of “serious bugs” impacting servers, multiplayer, and more in an update on Twitter.

There are also minor differences – bugs, some would call a few of them – such as the occasional lack of console keys on screen but I’ve been lucky to avoid most of them. These will also be fixed eventually, and it will take time before “content parity” is reached between PC and Xbox.

It’s argued that Xbox isn’t necessarily “behind,” but yet it is. Our list of differences demonstrates that this is the case. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the game on Xbox Game Pass without really noticing you’re playing an earlier build.

Until features parity is reached, keep collecting Pals, building weapons, and having fun with this survival game that shocked the world by being one of 2024’s first hits.

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