Palworld devs warn about “impossible to recover from” bug

Don’t do drugs, pals.

Pocketpair, the devs behind the surprise record-obliterating Palworld, have just warned players about one specific bug that might seriously hinder their gameplay experience.

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If you’re familiar with the “Memory Reset Drug”, which is used to reset character stats, take heed. The developers warn that there’s a possibility that it can permanently reduce one’s capture power.

Screenshot from Pocketpair’s Discord

Pocketpair says it’s investigating this issue and advises players to refrain from, uh, doing drugs until they fix this issue.

The developers don’t specify exactly how much of your capture power will go down if this bug knocks on your door, but we have to assume your capture abilities will take a non-negligible hit. This sucks, especially if you’ve already committed to using these, but as far as release bugs go, it could’ve been much worse.

Palworld has hit Steam and the Xbox Game Pass like a meteor — one of those from sci-fi tales that come full of wacky alien lifeforms. After not even 24 hours out, the Pokémon-inspired title was already doing numbers high to the point of dwarfing recent mega-hits such as Lethal Company.

Some Pokémon fans have been pretty vocal in accusing Palworld of being nothing more than an edgy clone, but whether or not you care for it, I find it very hard to ignore all of the awesome — albeit sometimes questionable — things that this new title brings to the table.

As for this bug, it’s completely natural for issues such as this to hit a game on launch, and it’s expected that it’ll get fixed soon.

You can now capture cute animals and even human NPCs on Steam and the Xbox Game Pass.

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