Palutena amiibo is an Amazon exclusive

Here we go again

While four of the five other major retailers have had multiple exclusive amiibo figures, Amazon’s just now getting its first. Palutena, which makes up half of North America’s wave 5a release, will only be available to order through Amazon according to a media alert sent from the online retailer today.

This reveal means that both amiibo in wave 5a are exclusive to a store. Dark Pit has already been confirmed to be a Best Buy exclusive. In that case, Best Buy isn’t taking any pre-orders, and Dark Pit will only be available in stores on July 31 — no online ordering.

The Palutena figure releases a week earlier on July 24, so there won’t be any overlap between the two. It looks as if Amazon will publicly announce the time that Palutena will go live, as it did for the last wave. No one needs to fear the figure going up in the middle of the night, which has happened with other exclusives.

The brightest silver lining to yet another exclusive announcement is that Amazon did this right last time. There’s probably no concern that the servers will crash, as GameStop experienced with the pre-orders for wave 4. Also, Nintendo’s been producing higher quantities of the exclusives recently, so this one might have decent stock. Just make sure to show up immediately when it goes live; in the best case scenario that there are a fair number of them, they’ll still go quick.

Palutena amiibo [Amazon]

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