PAL Wii retail boxes are 67% cooler than NTSC Wii boxes

While Europeans got the short end of the Wii launch stick (they’re getting it last — haha!), some new shots of PAL retail launch boxes might have the rest of the world salivating.


JeuxFrance snapped some photos of their Wii booty, and was kind enough to put them online. Now European folks know what to expect when the console hits the streets on December 8th, and the rest of us can just be irritated that they’re getting Wii Play at launch (which apparently covers all sorts of rad subjects including billiards; UFOs; and cows). It seems they also have the option of purchasing Wii Sports separately and getting an actual box. What a novel idea.

Hit the link to check out some of these foreign boxes that don’t belong to Eastern European nude models. For once. You perverts.

[via JeuxFrance]

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