Pajamas turn Saitama from One Punch Man to Many Punch Man

A Hero Nobody Knows is set for late February

The main concern surrounding the One Punch Man fighting game is both the most obvious and the most reasonable: How do you make a balanced fighter when the entire premise is that one guy knocks everyone out with a single blow?

It’s tricky but developer Spike Chunsoft has some ideas. First, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is a three-on-three fighter, so no one can rely on a single character to carry them. Also, there are fighters with their own powerful moves that can change the flow of combat, such as King who can temporarily freeze everyone in place. Most crucially, Saitama — the titular One Punch Man — might show up late if he’s selected, forcing your team to survive until he arrives. In fact, he might not show up at all.

Another approach is to simply take away Saitama’s one-punch power. A Hero Nobody Knows will have an alternate Dream Version of Saitama where he’s pajama-clad and looking like he just rolled out of bed. (Except he doesn’t have bedhead because, well, you know.) In this state, Saitama’s just a normal dude. He’s not the world’s greatest fighter. He’s just a guy. He’s Many Punch Man.

Dream Version Saitama was revealed alongside a few more new characters: Metal Knight, Stinger, and Melzargard. This is all a smaller part of some larger news. One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is now set to launch on February 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Set your alarm so you don’t oversleep like Pajama Saitama. Wouldn’t wanna be late like the One Hit Wonder.

Brett Makedonski
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