Paintball 3D becomes the first Facebook FPS?

CMune beat 3G Studios to the punch. The Chinese developer has successfully launched the very first first-person shooter, dubbed Paintball 3D, over Facebook, beating out Brave Arms.

As simple as you would imagine a Facebook FPS would be, Paintball 3D is a non-offensive arena-style FPS that has its users vying for splatter superiority with a variety of paint-spewing weaponry in the form of assault rifles and shotguns.

Its revenue model is tied into a core component: equipment. As users kill each other, they’ll accrue currency that can be used to buy crap to put on their characters. But if someone wants to jump the gun, so-to-speak, they’ll be able to straight up purchase the goodies without the grind.

The game’s visuals are rather weak, lacking in both scale and detail, but the biggest problem as of this moment is stability. Either CMune’s servers are taking a pounding, or the game just suffers from some sort of polish-related issue.

Painball 3D is free to try, and is available right now over Facebook (as well as Myspace and other outlets) so give it a go if you’re curious as to how FPSes work over the social platform. Our take? Not very well.

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