Pachter: Sony will cut PS3 price by October

You know what we haven’t written about yet? A PS3 price cut! That is quite a new and interesting subject to talk about, isn’t it? Even better, it’s a PS3 price cut story that involves Michael Pachter, so you just know it’s going to be fun and frolics. The Wedbush Morgan analyst has declared that Sony will see a price cut by October, whether we like it or not.

“We think that the console manufacturers will therefore be forced to consider a price cut before year-end, with Sony cutting the PS3’s price by October 1,” claims the man who looks a bit like Egon from Ghostbusters. “Further, we do not think that Nintendo’s hardware forecast figures are achievable without a price cut, and we expect one around the same time as the PS3 price cut.

“It is likely both manufacturers will cut by $50, with Sony making up any lack of increased demand with a software bundle. We expect Microsoft to follow suit, giving us confidence that US software sales will grow later in the year, notwithstanding negative sales in the early part of the year.”

You may now chip in with your “how does this man still have a job?” comments as soon as you’re ready, folks!

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