Pachter: PS3/PC Black Ops players are ‘crybabies’

Industry analyst Michael “pulsing veins” Pachter has slammed Gamers’ Voice, the organization that filed a formal complain on behalf of PS3 and PC players who felt they got a raw deal with a buggy, broken, inferior version of Call of Duty: Black Ops

”All games are buggy, some more so than others. Have you tried Fallout: New Vegas? Buggiest game ever,” retorts the hard-nippled stud. “I suppose this helps to explain why the game sold only 20 million copies instead of 25 million, and why it received only a 90 metacritic rating instead of 95 (sarcasm intended, in case you didn’t pick up on it). If people don’t like it, they can take it back to retail for a refund. Most bugs are patched within a reasonable time, and any serious gamer expects bugs.”

Pachter wrote off the complaints, saying that the upset gamers “sound like a crybaby” to him. He put responsibility on game reviewers and the consumer, saying they have all the relevant information on a game before making a purchase … which would be true if most game reviewers weren’t held to embargoes, or simply not given review copies in time. Ooooor given the Xbox 360 version, which is the only version Activision cares about.

Gamers’ Voice has hit back, saying that Pachter clearly has no idea what Gamers’ Voice is, and that his comments were laughable. The group also called Pachter out for being on the corporate side of the industry, and that it only “added more fuel” to the consumer group’s fire. 

Pachter Brands Gamers’ Voice A ‘Crybaby’ Over Black Ops Threat [Inc Gamers]

James Stephanie Sterling