Pachter: Move sold ‘well below expectations’

According to industry analyst and donkey midwife Michael Pachter, Sony’s PlayStation Move has sold well below expectations. He reports that the black waggle stick has sold a mere 400,000 units since launch. Compare that to Kinect selling over a million within ten days, and a winner seems clear.

“Move sold well below expectations in its first month” says the midnight lover. “… Interestingly, the higher priced Kinect controller appears to have overtaken the Move controller in the sales race.”

I hope Sony isn’t surprised. Given the fact that the Move looks like a glow-in-the-dark Wiimote knock-off to your average consumer, and considering Sony’s lackluster marketing campaign and dearth of games worth playing for the bloody thing, it shouldn’t shock anybody to see that Move has really only sold to those who owned a PS3 in the first place. 

Move is a great piece of tech, but I see it going the way of the PSPgo. Overpriced, undersupported, and eventually thrown on the scrap heap. I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good. 

Move has ‘sold well below expectations’ – Pachter [CVG]

Jim Sterling