Pachter: Games industry will rebound thanks to new stuff

Analysts stating the obvious; it’s almost an art form. The latest masterpiece to be created comes from the master of the craft Michael Pachter and his Wedbush Morgan pal Edward Woo. They say, and I hope you’re sitting down, that all the new technology coming out of E3 is going to “have great potential to reinvigorate the video game market.” I told you to sit down. Obvious statements that well crafted only come along once in a blue moon.

While pontificating on the blatantly obvious Pachter and Woo talked a bit about other E3 happenings as well. As you probably guessed, they think the 3DS will sell like gangbusters despite their predicted price tag of upwards of $250. On the other hand they believe the pricing on the Natal and Move is going to be crucial for making them sell. “We are not yet convinced that the hard core Xbox 360 user, who typically ‘controls’ decisions about his/her console, will find the game lineup for Kinect sufficiently compelling to purchase the device at a price point over $100, and think that pricing at the higher point would severely limit sales,” they (I guess they operate in some sort of Borg-like hive speak) said.

As for Move, they’re looking at the price points and thinking that it might be a bit high. Pachter and Woo point out that for people to fully access Move’s library they’re going to need to procure a lot of crap (one PlayStation Eye, two Move controllers and at least one Navigation controller) resulting in a price tag of around $180. They think this might scare casual gamers off and turn away even the hardcore.

In their only non-obvious statement Pachter and Woo said that they believe Dance Central to be Kinect’s killer app. I can see that.

Wedbush Analysts Predict Industry Rebound Fueled by New Hardware [Gamasutra]

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