Pachter: EA’s lack of sales in 2009 was EA’s fault

Game industry analyst and medieval food taster Michael Pachter has given publisher Electronic Arts a firm dressing down, stating that while the company blames the environment for its earnings losses, it has nobody to blame but itself. 

“EA did not have the products that people wanted and should be acknowledging that rather than blaming everything on the environment,” criticizes the silver-tongued fox. “This company lacks introspection. Their core business is not performing well and they can’t explain why.”

Wow, pretty damning words from Pachter there. EA has quite a fistful of cool games on the horizon, so maybe that can turn around their fortunes. In any case, do you believe that EA’s 2009 performance was entirely EA’s fault, or was the company subject to circumstances?

Electronic Arts lowers 2010 guidance as sales weak [Yahoo]

Jim Sterling