Pachter calls April sales ‘baffling’ and ‘terribly wrong’

Dramatic much?

Sales are down, apparently. You and I probably had no idea, but games analyst Michael Pachter is freaking the freak out about it. Apparently the dollar sales level for last month is the lowest since May 2007, and is the weakest April since 2005. I’m not sure why that’s cause for concern, though. Can’t we just have a down month in games?

Pachter does say that the game line-up was weak last month. We had Splinter Cell Conviction, and that’s about it. But that isn’t reason enough for Pachter, who tells IndustryGamers that “the results suggest something is terribly wrong.”

What went wrong? He says that they’re at a loss as to why sales fell so hard after three pretty decent months and our improving economy.

Pachter says that it may be a fluke. I think that we’re just bracing for a very big year in games, holding onto our precious gaming dollars and enjoying the games we already have. I’m a blogger. I can’t f’n buy games every month!

Game Sales in April Show ‘Something is Terribly Wrong,’ says Pachter [IndustryGamers]

Dale North