Pac-Man World Championship: the final round!

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Courtesy of our own cybernetic ninjas Dick McVengeance and Michael Yi comes this footage from the recent Pac-Man World Championships‘ final round. In this titanic clash of Pac-Man pros we bear witness to the epic struggle between Austria’s Robert “The Glashinator” Glashuettner and Mexico’s own Carlos “John” Romero. For best results, turn down the sound and blast Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana to really get a sense of how dramatic and face-melting this competition truly was. So Brad tells me, anyway.
I’ve pumped an hour or two into Championship Edition and I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed. The developers at Namco-Bandai took the sensibilities emphasized by recent heart-pounding arcade games like Geometry Wars and applied them to Pac-Man‘s oh-so-traditional formula. Sure, it might make the purists shake angry fists at the sky, but for us heathens, it’s a Pac-Man we can actually enjoy.
Big ups to Dtoid faithful Michael Yi for filming. Dude’s a menace with a camera when he’s not kicking out the jams with some crazy-awesome Destructoid wallpapers. He’s also made of candy.

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