Pac-Man enzyme hoping to gobble up Alzheimer’s

As someone who values their brain, I am terrified of Alzheimer’s disease. However, I’ll be sleeping easier at night from now on, knowing that Pac-Man is on the case. A new enzyme is being developed that supposedly eats amyloid proteins by “opening and closing,” breaking down a close link to the disease in very much the same was as everyone’s favorite yellow glutton.

The Pac-Man Enzyme, as it has been dubbed by researchers at Florida’s Mayo Clinic, is only in very early stages. However, it may be the key to treating an incurable and rather horrible disease. It’s certainly a better videogame character association than Sonic Hedgehog Homolog, a protein that has been linked to hedgehog cancer. 

We wish Pac-Man all the best in finding a possible cure to Alzheimer’s, and hate Sonic for giving poor woodland creatures cancer.

James Stephanie Sterling