Owlboy turned a profit within just one day on Switch


Owlboy is a great adventure platformer, but it’s also an amazing story of perseverance. D-Pad Studio started to work on the project in 2007, and it took them nearly 10 years to release it. When they did though, it earned the respect of other studios and fans alike, and went from a modest PC release to a booming console launch.

It did so well on Switch actually that in a developer AMA on reddit, D-Pad confirmed that Owlboy has turned a profit within 24 hours of launch on Switch alone. The developer explains that it took them “completely by surprise,” and that it “bodes well for funding future projects.”

The big takeaway from this? Expect more projects from D-Pad Studio on the Switch. Heck, expect a lot of Switch projects from indie developers in the future.

Jo-remi [Reddit]

Chris Carter
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