Owlboy creator proposes a new Wario Land


D-Pad Studio has been working on Owlboy for a long time. When a game looks this good, expectations run high, and the pressure to deliver can be overwhelming. Like a lot of developers, it seems that they escape from the stress by working on smaller projects. In the time since Owlboy was first announced, D-Pad Studio has finished work on the radiant action title Savant – Ascenta couple of games made to be birthday gifts, and multiple pieces of excellent fan art

This piece of Wario Land art may take the cake, in part due to its quality, and in part for its timeliness. With Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U still fresh in collective Nintendo consciousness, Wario fans have new cause to feel the burn from the larger lack of Wario Land in their lives. Wario Land: Shake It, the most recent game in the series, came out a couple of years before Mega Man 10. Some have feared that like Mega Man, Wario’s creators don’t have a ton of faith in him as a 2D platforming character anymore, and that his days as a 2D jumping man are over. 

D-Pad’s Simon Anderson seems pretty confident in Wario Land. He created this mock-up for a new game for the portly proprietor, proposing that this new Wario be granted a bell that lets him “transform into a rat that eats money and can deform.” Not sure what “deform” means in this context, but we do know that Simon picked a rat as Wario’s animal form because he “just thought what would Wario be. He’s fat, he stinks and he’s greedy. Seemed to fit.”

Jonathan Holmes
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